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I need a copy of my tax form – 1099

Looking for a copy of your 1099? As of 1/24/2023 we have sent your 2022 taxes to both your personal and business emails. Please search through your inbox, promotions, and spam folders in case you don’t see it. You’ll be looking for an email from [email protected]

ProTip – If you are using Kale email, in the search bar, type “in:all [email protected]” and it should pop up!

Your 1099 is password protected. Please follow the instructions in the email to identify the password. One of the variables for the password is your home zip code. If the password doesn’t work, please try your previous residence’s zip code.

If you can’t locate the 1099 email OR have located it, but aren’t able to open it (password failing), please complete the form below and our team will reach out to resolve.

I need my 1099 for the following tax period(s)...

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