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What steps do I need to take for a new sales listing?

  1. Pre Listing Appointment
  1. Listing Appointment

Be sure to start with a tour of the property. Take notes and ask questions. Now is a great time to feel out the seller and find out their motivation for selling. After your walkthrough sit down and go over the process and set expectations with your client. Explain how you will work for them and what benefit you bring to the table. Now is the time to talk commission.

Now it is time to talk about pricing. First ask if they have a price in mind so you know what you are working with. If they refuse to give a price, give your estimated value and use the CMA to explain it.

Bring out your laptop or have them use theirs so you can go over the paperwork on dotloop and have them sign it. Go through each piece and explain. Make sure they know to ask you questions as you go through it.

If you are not going to list on the MLS within 24 hours of the agreement, get the MLS Listing Exemption form signed. It is located in Kale Realty Documents in dotloop.

  1. Photography

Click here for a video about choosing a professional photographer.

  1. Listing on MLS

How to put a listing on the MLS video.

  1. Showings

Make sure that you have communication with your client to ensure they are always aware of showings coming up if they are living in the home. If the home is vacant you may find it easier to use the showing service on the MLS to let fellow agents schedule via the MLS.

The home should be clean and ready to be shown. Set the expectation with your seller if the property is not vacant. Your seller should never be at the showing. Try not to overlap showings.

  1. Offers & Negotiations

Click here for a video on offers & negotiations.

  1. Inspection & Appraisal

Click here for a video on inspection and appraisal.

  1. Closing

Click here for info on how to get ready for closing.

  1. Getting Paid

Click here for an article on getting paid.

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